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 the world's first 'infinite' plastic - bbc future
Future Planet | Pollution The world's first 'infinite' plastic (Image credit: Alamy) By Katherine Latham 11th May 2021 The way we normally recycle plastics is a downward spiral of waste and...

 plastic pollution facts and information - national geographic
Published June 7, 2019 • 7 min read Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the...

 quality street axes plastic wrappers for recyclable paper
Last modified on Mon 3 Oct 2022 06.53 EDT. Quality Street’s multicoloured confectionery will now all be a bit more green – or that is the hope – as the foil and plastic wrappers are swapped ...

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 plastic packaging increases fresh food waste, study finds
The 18-month study by the sustainability charity Wrap, which also looked at sales of bananas, broccoli and cucumbers, debunks the idea that single-use plastic wrappers help prevent waste. Instead ...

 plastic pollution: take-out food is littering the oceans - bbc
By Helen Briggs BBC Environment correspondent Plastic from take-out and convenience food is littering rivers and oceans - but straws are not the worst offenders, according to a new study....

 sustainable food packaging: 12 wrappers that won’t wreck our planet
Sustainable Food Packaging: 12 Wrappers That Won’t Wreck Our Planet While plastic has been vilified for its impact on our planet, there’s another p-word that should receive more of the blame: packaging. A whopping 40% of globally-produced plastic ends up as packaging—and 60% of this is used for food and beverages.

 plastics: what’s recyclable, what becomes trash — and why - npr visuals
Plastic wrap Not recyclable curbside. At the store we find it covering vegetables, meats and cheeses. It’s common, but it can’t be recycled because it’s hard to deal with at the material recovery...

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