Since 1962 GIDIEFFE-plastics, in the packing field in general, has brought it towards the specific production of electrowelded PVC bags and packets of different sizes and models. With over 500 existing and catalogued moulds, we are aimed at welcoming any products of yours, especially the weaving ones.


The GIDIEFFE-plastics products can also be personalized with captions and printings to your liking, guaranteeing modern productions with a good value for money.


GIDIEFFE presents:

  • electrowelded P.V.C. bags with transparent zip and zip protections for quilts, duvets, sofa covers etc.;
  • electrowelded P.V.C. packets with biadhesive stickers, Velcro or buttons for bedroom and bathroom sets;
  • electrowelded P.V.C. packets for toys and small domestic appliances;
  • electrowelded P.V.C. packets with inserted hook for the general retailing;
  • sewed P.V.C. polypropylene, fabric and TNT packets of any size and model.