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 revolutionizing textiles: innovative coatings for a cool-touch effect
Redefining Pillow Comfort. AQUACHILL™ makes a substantial difference in the surface texture of the pillow. Durometer testing results indicate a smoother surface. This smoother texture translates into a softer, more natural feel for end-users, devoid of any plastic-like sensations.

 amazon says it will stop using puffy plastic shipping pillows
Amazon says the move will avoid the use of almost 15 billion air pillows a year in North America. It is the Seattle-based retail giant’s “largest plastic packaging reduction effort” to date ...

 definitive guide to pillow materials: what is the best pillow filling ...
Most pillows are made from polyester and foam fill, which are not biodegradable or renewable materials. That said, there are many alternative pillow materials available today that are far better for you and the environment. The best options include the following: Buckwheat Hull Pillows. Hemp Pillows.

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 eco-friendly morro coating | versatile & sustainable solutions
Morro Coating is a plant based material, created to replace paper and cardboard coatings. This breakthrough material can be used as an alternative to petrochemical-based or fluorochemical coatings, but can be recycled in existing waste stream processes. A natural replacement. Morro Coating offers a natural and sustainable solution to reduce ...

 amazon announces largest reduction in plastic packaging to date
The removal of 95% of our plastic air pillows is another step in our path to avoid and reduce packaging—and part of our multi-year effort to remove plastic delivery packaging from North America fulfillment centers. To date, this will be Amazon’s largest plastic packaging reduction effort in North America and will avoid nearly 15 billion ...

 amazon will stop using those little plastic pillows in its ... - cnn
Amazon has stopped using plastic pillows in other countries, including Australia, India and nations across Europe, in recent years, which resulted the company in using nearly 12% less plastic in ...

 the best pillow protectors of 2023 - purewow
Best Overall: Brooklinen Pillow Protectors. Best Under $10: Utopia Bedding Waterproof Pillow Protector. Softest Feel: Coyuchi Organic Pillow Protectors. Best for Allergies: AllerEase Maximum Allergy Pillow Protector. Best for Bed-bugs: Bed Bug Blocker All-in-One Pillow Protector. Most Durable: Guardmax Pillow Protector.

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