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 definitive guide to pillow materials: what is the best pillow filling ...
What is the height of the person with whom you share a bed? And what size and type of pillow do they like best: fluffy down pillows; flatter synthetic ones that allow for air circulation while still providing all-over support; memory foam pillows that feel more luxurious but are heavier and hotter than other types—you have lots of choices!

 best pillow protectors of 2023 | u.s. news
Reviewed by Victoria Sheridan | Updated: Oct. 13, 2023 | Best Pillow Protectors Things To Consider When Buying How We Chose FAQs The best pillow protectors act as a barrier between your...

 polymer surface treatment and coating technologies
Nordstrom JD (2003) Polymers for coatings for plastics. In: Ryntz RA, Yaneff PV (eds) Coatings of polymers and plastics. Marcel Dekker, New York, pp 121–155. Google Scholar Ogino A, Noguchi S, Nagatsu M (2011) Low temperature plasma treatment for immobilization of biomaterials on polymer surface. Adv Mat Res 222:297–300

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 the sleep guru's guide to pillow fill types (14 compared)
Pillow Buying Guide: 14 Pillow Filling Types for Snuggly Sleep Kapok: The Featherweight Champion. Kapok fiber (from the seed pods of the kapok tree) is the plant-based answer to down. This fluffy filling creates a plush yet supportive pillow, like resting your weary head on a sweetly-scented cloud. Oh…and it's entirely vegan! Kapok Pillow Pros

 a brief discussion on advances in polyurethane applications
Abstract. Polyurethane is a material that defines the word ‘versatile’. The structure property relationship of di-isocyanates and polyols is such that it provides ample variety and customization to the manufacturer. The properties of the polyurethane can range to extremes from soft touch coatings to rock hard rigid construction material.

 prodotti e soluzioni per la misura del colore | x-rite
Le librerie PantoneLIVE Production – Plastic, Coatings & Textile offrono ai committenti del colore e ai produttori l’accesso istantaneo ai colori Pantone più aggiornati per le applicazioni riguardanti materie plastiche, rivestimenti e prodotti tessili; i colori sono forniti in formato digitale per garantire il conseguimento dell’intento di design e una produzione rapida e accurata del ...

 next-generation composite coating system: nanocoating
Nanocoating combines the protective properties of conventional coating system with effects on nanoscale such as high hardness, UV scattering, and uniform dispersing. Their facile and low-cost synthesis, together with superior protective properties and multi-functionalities, makes nanocoating attractive candidates for next-generation coating ...

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