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 sewn plastic snap tape | fashion resources collections
Sewn Plastic Snap Tape. SM100/SF100. 3x1 sewn snap tape. Nylon tape - 19mm / 3 skip 1 spacing - 16mm wide. SM120/SF120. 2x1 sewn snap tape. Nylon tape - 25mm / 2 skip 1 spacing - 16mm wide. SM135/SF135. Sewn snap tape. Nylon tape. 35mm spacing. SM144/SF144. Sewn snap tape. Nylon tape. 144mm spacing.

 spiral sewn plastic tubing
Bulky and hard to package items can now be protected with spiral sewn plastic tubing. Plastic coating offers a smooth interior and won't snag or damage any delicate surfaces. Woven polypropylene tubing is on a continuous 225m length roll and is available in a range of widths. Please see specifications for accurate dimensions.

 how to sew plastic sheeting | ehow
Step 5. Pull up your presser foot and place your pinned sheeting on the machine with the tissue paper-side down. Lower the presser foot. Begin to sew at a slow speed. Hold your material taut in front and back of the presser foot. Do not pull on the sheeting as it may stretch it -- just hold it firmly as you sew.

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 sewn plastic terrarium | home remedies, recipes, and voodoo.
Cut several 1″ strips of tissue and set aside. 3. Sew the corners. Fold the vinyl at each corner so that the edges of the cut-out section meet. Place the folded vinyl between two strips of tissue paper, and secure all layers with paperclips. Sew the corner seam, using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Tear away the tissue paper.

 easy-sew plastic bag holder tutorial - youtube
Easy-Sew plastic bag holderMake a super easy-to-sew plastic bag holder and keep your shopping bags neat and tidy. These are fun and quick! Materials:(1) 19" ...

 diy plastic bag holder to sew • heather handmade
Sew the side seam with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Finish the edges. Fold the short edges of the ribbon over 3/4 inch. Place the ends onto the top of the bag holder on each side of the seam. The folded part of the ribbon should be between the ribbon and the bag holder to enclose the raw edges. Pin each side in place.

 6 marine plastic varieties your boat needs - types of marine plastic ...
This marine plastic is impact resistant, so it will not shatter if struck by debris. Additionally, it is UV resistant and will not yellow due to sun exposure over time. Makrolon sheet can also be rolled, sewn or cut for specific window or windshield specifications, giving you greater flexibility than harder sheets that need to be glued down.

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