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 major sectors and processes - ilo encyclopaedia of occupational health ...
A sequin-manufacturing facility Source: Michael McCann Product design and sample-making. The design of clothing and other textile products is overseen by apparel manufacturers, retailers or “jobbers”, with the design process performed by skilled designers.

 part xiv. textile and apparel industries - ilo encyclopaedia of ...
Sewn plastic products and plastic accessories. Various items such as shower curtains, tablecloths and protective raingear are made of sewn, or joined, plastics. Where goods are sewn from sheet plastic, the hazards are similar to those of other sewn items.

 sewing through hard plastic: can a sewing machine sew plastic?
A sewing machine can sew plastic, as long as you own and use the right tools. Plastic comes in many forms and you probably have already sewn through it and not even been aware of it. With the right tools, you can sew just about any fabric but stay away from hard plastics that come on toys.

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 bellows | mcmaster-carr
Sewn seams let these bellows breathe, so they retract quickly in fast-cycling applications. Highly Compressible Round Bellows with Cuff Ends. ... Lift smooth items, such as glass, plastic, and sheet metal without leaving marks. Vacuum Lifters. Accessories and Replacement Parts for Vacuum Lifters.

 how to sew vinyl, pleather or plastic (best tips)
How to mark and cut vinyl / pleather /plastic What is Vinyl ? What is Pleather ? Vinyl is a material made of plastic components like chlorine and ethylene (full name Polyvinylchloride or PVC). It is extensively used in making accessories like belts and bags and for upholstering sofas and headboards and wall and floor covering.

 how to sew plastic sheeting | ehow
Step 5. Pull up your presser foot and place your pinned sheeting on the machine with the tissue paper-side down. Lower the presser foot. Begin to sew at a slow speed. Hold your material taut in front and back of the presser foot. Do not pull on the sheeting as it may stretch it -- just hold it firmly as you sew.

 welded pouches -
Bottom Gusseted Pouches/Bags with Welded Seal Bottom gusseted Pouches/Bags are the most commonly used stand up pouch (SUP) in the industry and is ideal for light weight products. It is basically a sealed plastic pouch and has a round /square bottom. The edge of the gussets are welded to the sides of the walls for better strength and support.

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