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 plastic in textiles: towards a circular economy for synthetic textiles ...
Plastic in textiles: towards ... Key messages In 2017, European households consumed about 13 million tonnes of textile products (clothing, footwear and household textiles). Synthetic fibres, such as polyester and nylon, make up about 60% of clothing and 70 % of household textiles.

 microplastics from textiles: towards a circular economy for textiles in ...
The wearing and washing of textiles made from synthetic (plastic) fibers is one recognised source of microplastics in the environment. Textiles and plastics are among the key value chains in the EU circular economy action plan. Publications Microplastics from textiles: ... Key messages

 waste2wear - recycled plastic fabric | transforming plastic waste into ...
We help brands recycle plastic waste into textile products for a circular economy that consumers can verify. Contact us Verified Traceability Powered by our award-winning blockchain technology, we provide complete transparency of your whole supply- chain.

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 textiles and the environment: the role of design in europe’s circular ...
Textiles are identified as a key value chain in the EU circular economy action plan and will be addressed in the forthcoming European Commission’s 2022 EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles and EU sustainable products initiative.

 turning plastic wastes into textile products | springerlink
Turning Plastic Wastes Into Textile Products Hande Sezgin & Ipek Yalcin-Enis Living reference work entry First Online: 12 May 2021 696 Accesses 2 Citations 4 Altmetric Abstract Plastic is a component of many consumer products and constitutes most of the output and final products of the manufacturing industry.

 eu strategy for sustainable and circular textiles - environment
The Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, proposed in 2022, creates a framework to set ecodesign requirements for products, including textiles. The Empowering Consumers in the Green Transition Directive and Green Claims Directive, proposed in 2022 and 2023, aim to tackle greenwashing.; The “Reset the Trend” campaign (#ReFashionNow) was launched in 2023 to raise awareness about ...

 recycled thermoplastics: textile fiber production, scientific and ...
Recycling of waste plastics into new textile products is very important for ecology and world sustainability. Today, many fashion and sports textile companies use different textile fibers recycled from waste plastics in many different products (from sportswear, from casual wear to textile products used in shoes).

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