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 easy diy plastic bag holder (video + free pattern) - hellosewing
The plastic bag holder is not a new idea BUT sewing your own using our grocery bag holder pattern, means you can coordinate your neat little DIY plastic bag holder to your kitchen color scheme and make it look super smart. Just think of sleek black or grey fabric, or a pop of red for a sophisticated kitchen, a natural hessian type bag if you are into the country-look, or ocean colors in ...

 easy to sew plastic bag dispenser – beginner sewing projects
Iron fabric. Cut fabric to 18" by 22". Turn edge of 18" side under 3/4" and press. Repeat for opposite side. Sew both ends with 1/2" seam allowance. Fold right sides of fabric together so that seams meet. Sew raw edges with 1/4" seam allowance but stop before bottom of casing. Cut elastic to 8".

 diy plastic bag holder to sew • heather handmade
Now the elastic is secured to each side of the casing. Fold the bag holder in half matching up the two long sides with right sides together. Sew the side seam with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Finish the edges. Fold the short edges of the ribbon over 3/4 inch. Place the ends onto the top of the bag holder on each side of the seam.

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 how to sew a plastic bag holder - easy peasy creative ideas
Sew the handle to the bag on the sides and the bottom. Flip the bag right side up and fold in half. Pin the raw side and sew with 1/4″ allowance. Finish the seam with a zig zag stitch or a serger. Turn the holder right side our and press. Congratulations on completing your plastic grocery bag holder!

 plastic bag dispenser tutorial - sewn by tanya blog
Pin the cut ends to the side seam ~3/4” down from the top edge. Sew your ribbon to the main piece using a rectangle along the ribbon edges and then sew an “X” through the rectangle. Sew the ribbon loop to the seam. Close-up of x-box stitch. Your plastic bag dispenser is now ready to use!

 easy-sew plastic bag holder tutorial - youtube
Easy-Sew plastic bag holderMake a super easy-to-sew plastic bag holder and keep your shopping bags neat and tidy. These are fun and quick! Materials:(1) 19" ...

 diy plastic bag dispenser holder // easy to sew - youtube
Watch our video to see how to sew this plastic bag dispenser made out of fabric in just 10 minutes. Plastic bags tare useful but can take over kitchen cupbo...

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